Harmony’s Costume

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Harmony’s Costume!

As a fanclub special we’re going to give you an exclusive close up look at Harmony’s gorgeous costume.

Disarmingly beautiful with a mane of platinum blond hair, Harmony’s ice blue eyes are a true mirror to her soul. Harmony is Flame’s key advisor and forms his inner circle. Intelligent and perhaps even more reckless than Flame himself, many believe that Harmony holds the real power behind the Privs.

Distant, cold and aloof, Harmony rarely displays any depth of feeling.

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The first layer of Harmony’s costume is a long dress. It is made of two layers. The first layer is a gorgeous pink fabric that has a lovely gold threads running through it. The layer sewn over the top is a taffeta type fabric that is has a crinkled effect – it is a greeny colour with some hints of pink and purple through it. The style of the dress is very long with long sleeves and a scallop neck line. The bottom hem of the dress is cut at rough edges and has long tatty bits that drape off the end. 

The dress does up at the front with little black domes neatly hidden among the fabric. The domes start right up at the neck and go down to just below the waist. Then the dress is left with a split down to the bottom hem.

Attached to the dress are long gold metal ribbons. There is one attached to the top of each shoulder and another around the waist. These are wound around the arms and waist and tied at the ends when Harmony is wearing it. They have gold plaits attached at each end with are left to dangle.

Over the top of the dress Harmony wears this “half dress” which really sets off the whole costume. It has a straight neck that sits on the shoulders. It comes down to cover the bust and then splits and only comes down one side. Sewn into the neck line is hard plastic to keep the neckline sitting nice and straight. 

The dress is made of a beautiful pink fabric that has a green and gold cut out pattern over the top. The dress is beautifully detailed around the edges. The neckline is embroidered in green, silver and gold beads and sequins in a criss cross pattern.

Down the open side again the dress is embroidered in beads, sequins and green netting. A beautifully detailed pink fabric with fine metal threads and black leaf shaped patterns has been sewn down the edge.

Under her dresses Harmony wears these pants. They are made of the same pink fabric that is the first layer in her dress. Lovely pink linen with threads of gold through it. They have an elastic waist band and are loose fitting. 

Around her wrists Harmony wears these bracelets. They are made of many beads – gold and green in colour and the occasional clear leaf shaped bead. They are worn around the wrist on gold elastic with an extra piece of elastic that gets pulled over the middle finger and draws the bracelet across the top of the hand.

At one stage in the series Harmony had a pimple. This was disasterous and didn’t go with the perfect “look” of the Privs. Gwyn came up with the idea of a mask. The mask is made of a very fine pink netting with long strands of red beads sewn down the front. Along the bottom of the mask are sewn small gold and green sequins and beads. The mask does up with long spaghetti strings tied around the back of the head.

With this costume Harmony sometimes also wore a large very luxurious jacket. We will try and track it down and add to this costume profile.