Caption Contest

Caption Competition

We’ve looked through the archives and have found some pictures taken on the set of The New Tomorrow – and here are some of the funny captions sent in by fans of the series. There’ll be more caption competitions coming up in the future!

For a full list of winners, check out this link.

“Woah you guys looks like ants from up here!” – MissMoo
“Omar: Shhhh! Be vewy vewy quiet. I’m hunting wabbits.” – AnnaBee
” Harmony: i cant believe There taking my make-up and jewllry away! Gwyn: ahhhhhhh noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!, THIS IS the end of the world!” – Holz
“Wheres the candy all we have is fruit” – **Harmony**
“Erin: so thats why zora tells me to eat more greens!” – Jonesy_101
“errrrm a little help over here please” – Zora and Leanne are cool
“Pinata time!” – MissMoo
Jag: Are you talking to me? I said, are you talking to me?
” Dan: hey Sky, i was thinking about growing a beard. what do you think? Sky: *laughs to himself*” – soooo020
“camera man: i’v got him!call security. flame looks at the ground and sighs, they just dont get it….man he is so discarded.!” – kika
“Dan: Hey Omar that girl you know the one with the blond hair I think she just winked at me Omar: **giggles**”
“Dan: Ooooh!! I shall pet him and feed him and call him Fluffy!! Kwarli:…” – AnnaBee
“The Privs version of ballroom dancing” – Meggles
“Shadow *Thinks* Hmm, Isnt it usually Flame who gets to blow his own Trumpet?” – Iwasthemusicman
“Gwyn; I got one I got one! Sky; Sweetheart.. thats a rock.” – Jaiden
“Erin: Oh! My first day here. I’m so happy! Where’s my “I love you Mom!” sign?” -LadyBlue