Below are a few questions that have been asked regularly about the show. We’ll keep adding to this list as your questions come in.

1. What is The New Tomorrow all about?

A mysterious virus has wiped out the adult population, leaving children to fend for themselves. Tribes of children now roam the lands, living in encampments of tents, crude primitive dwellings and caves.

Tribes such as the Ants who live and farm in a snow capped mountainous region and just want to live in peace, unlike the Barbs who control the rivers and forests and are determined to extend their rule. It is the Privileged though, who strive for total dominance as well as perfection of look, style and attitude, even if it means oppressing their slaves – the Discards – who work on their plantations.

2. Are there any characters from the original Tribe series in The New Tomorrow?

No. The New Tomorrow is a totally new show with an all new cast. The cast ranges in age from 6 to 13 years old.

There are some references to characters from The Tribe such as Bray and Zoot in some of the storylines.

3. Will there be a series 2 of The New Tomorrow?

Cloud 9 have not confirmed yet whether or not a second series will go ahead. We will keep you all updated if we hear of a second series coming to fruition

4.  Will The New Tomorrow be released on DVD?

Cloud 9 and its distributors Southern Star International are working on DVD releases for Cloud 9’s portfolio. We do not have confirmation or a release date yet for The New Tomorrow but will let all fans know in the news section if we hear any news.