Guide for Parents

Guide for Parents

Information for Parents and Care Givers.

The New Tomorrow is aimed at children in the 8 to 13 year old age group though the program will appeal to many older fans of the cult hit program, The Tribe.

Indeed The New Tomorrow is a program that will also appeal to adults and is perfect for watching together with your children. As well as being entertaining, the program gives parents and caregivers the perfect opportunity to discuss relevant topics with their children such as bullying, puberty and sibling rivalry.

The New Tomorrow has references to characters and situations from The Tribe – names such as Bray and Zoot are perhaps the ones that are most frequently heard.

The names are often used in an almost religious reverence by the character Faygar.

Whilst not specifically religious, this usage of iconic figures references the belief systems of historic cultures operating in non-religious contexts – i.e. ancient cultures often regarded the sun, moon, trees, or ancestral figures from their past as having mythological significance.

Since time began, there has been a counterbalance between good and bad. This is demonstrated in The New Tomorrow (a fantasy world) with reference to the characters Bray and Zoot.

The New Tomorrow examines issues that would come up at stages in normal children’s lives – bullying or sibling rivalry for example.

There are also elements of survival, as the children are living in a world without adults, technology, medical assistance or schooling.

The New Tomorrow program is backed up by this website, which will look at all the elements in a fun, educational way.

The Tribe website is also helpful for background information should you or your children be curious in the background of the program –