Superficial, slightly decadent, pursuing perfection of their look and attitude. Led by Flame (but many believe that his key and cunning advisor, Harmony is the real power). The tribe inhabits a large dam on a large river. With tunnels and underground vaults, they are hidden in their own little world. Some believe that The Privileged invaded from a foreign land and are in control of the machines.

The Barbs are led by the warrior Zora. The Barbs are almost feral, untamed, uncultivated. At one with the natural world around them. Content to live as their primitive ancestors did, in simple huts, living off the land, taking only what they need. Their gods are the sun and the moon, and the rain that makes their crops grow.

The Barbs are the free eco people – who know herbal lore and pursue balance with nature.

Ruled over by the flamboyant High Priestess, Faygar, who has gathered around her all the timid, frightened, superstitious survivors. Children desperate for someone to lead them, save them. They worship the past of their long-dead parents. The world of technology, computers, and space travel; when mankind seemingly had control over the elements. The Ants are stuck in the past, believing the Ancestors will save them, but in the meantime they settle for farming and hard work.

Not so much a tribe as such, but a renegade band of children who have been banished to live like peasants – as either servants to The Privileged or ‘sentenced’ to work in the mines or as slaves on plantations administered by The Privileged. If you are caught by the Privileged, watch out, you’re destined to become a Discard. Being such a mix of Tribes originally – theirs is a volatile, dangerous and often treacherous existence.

Picked by the Privs for their hardness and their strength – the Warps are physically fit and full of courage. Shadow is respected and feared by all of them – he goes further than all of the others, and keeps his nerve. He never cries out in tests of courage.

They have games among themselves – tests of prowess and courage, challenges of strength and endurance and their own belief system, valuing courage and discipline.