Henrietta Steventon


A New Beginning with Henrietta Steventon

What is your character’s name?

Henrietta – Gwyn

What Tribe does your character belong to?

Henrietta – She is a Discard who becomes a Priv

How old is your character?

Henrietta – 9

What is your character like?

Henrietta – Feisty, clever but cautious and sneaky.

Do you think you are like your character in any way?

Henrietta – I think I’m quite feisty as I’m outgoing and like to rise to a challenge

If you could play any other character in TNT, who would it be and why?

Henrietta – Harmony bcause she has more authority than Gwyn, and Zora because she is a bit of a warrior.

What is your favourite thing about your character?

Henrietta – She can adapt to different situations

And the worst?

Henrietta – She’s sneaky, a liar and she is two-faced