The Story So Far

The Story so far… 

A mysterious virus has wiped out the adult population. Could this be a thousand years in the future? Or is it a thousand years in the past?

The kids of the world have been left to take care of themselves after a deadly virus has killed all the adults.

Alone and afraid, kids form groups of friends they call ‘tribes’.

The tribes live in different places, town and country, finding what shelter they can. They roam the lands, living in encampments of tents, crude primitive dwellings and caves.

With no adults to show them what to do, the kids have to find ways to keep warm, get food to eat, clothes to wear and water to drink.

It is a difficult world to live in and some of the kids aren’t very nice at all.

Tribes such as the Ants who live and farm in a snow capped mountainous region and just want to live in peace, unlike the Barbs who control the rivers and forests and are determined to extend their rule. It is the Privileged though, who strive for total dominance as well as perfection of look, style and attitude, even if it means oppressing their slaves – the Discards – who work on their plantations.

Some tribes worship the sun and moon, viewing all things elemental with an almost spiritual significance. Their culture and entire heritage seems to emanate from ancient markings visible in caves and on rocks.

The markings seem as if they have evolved from an ancient civilization but are also reminiscent of the machines that roam the technological graveyard in the Forbidden Zone – a mostly inaccessible wasteland.

The Forbidden Zone is a dangerous, mysterious and uncharted no go area around which there are seemingly no signs of human or animal life. Only machines from a bygone age roam there and evoke legend and mythology. Posing a threat to the local tribes.

With no adults to guide, rule or protect them – the children are on their own. Battling against the forces of Mother Nature. And, at times, even themselves. Can they create a fair and just society? A better world as they struggle to make sense of their environments and lives? Will they build a new order in their own image from the ashes of the old world? The future is now their responsibility. Theirs to create.

The Tribe Series
Cloud 9 has also produced a series called The Tribe. This series started the idea of a world without adults. If you haven’t seen or heard of The Tribe click here for a quick overview of what it is all about.