The Tribe Story So Far

The Story so far…The Tribe 

The kids of the world have been left to take care of themselves after a deadly virus has killed all the adults.

Alone and afraid, kids form groups of friends they call ‘tribes’.

The tribes live in different places, town and country, finding what shelter they can.

With no adults to show them what to do, the kids have to find ways to keep warm, get food to eat, clothes to wear and water to drink.

It is a difficult world to live in and some of the kids aren’t very nice at all.

The Tribe is all about survival and creating a new way of life from the ashes of the past…

This place used to be full of good things to buy and people shopping and having fun. But now it is a deserted building in a burnt out city. Or is it? There is a tribe of kids, The Mall Rats, who have made this place their home. Using the different shops, they each create their own bedroom out of bits and pieces of furniture they find in the Mall. Luckily there is some canned food and the Mall is quite a safe place to be.

When the adults were alive, the police were the ones who would watch out for everyone and make sure that people were okay. But now, the police car is used by the Locos, a bad tribe of kids who want to rule the city. When kids hear the police sirens, they start to run because nobody wants to be caught by the Locos.

Just outside of the city, some kids have made a life for themselves in the countryside. The Gaians or Eco Tribe have taught themselves to live off the land. They are a peaceful tribe and want to be left alone to get on with life in their camp, which has been made out of treehouses and tents.

A small village, this place is a bit like a cowboy town from the Old West of America. It is a place that attracts kids that don’t have a home or tribe or those kids who are on the run for stealing from their tribe. Some kids want to hide for some reason too…


Every Old Wild West town has a saloon and Liberty is no different. Run as a kind of hotel, kids come to stay at the saloon when they have nowhere else to go. The saloon offers good food and is a place for local kids to hang out.

Kids have to find ways to get food and clothes as well as other items and the market is a good place to find these things. There are some dodgy dealers at the market who will try and con the kids so it is always a very lively place to be with lots of shouting and haggling. Kids trade items – someone might want to trade an old bottle for some veggies maybe or some clothes for water.

The kids wear some pretty unusual clothes but they are living in a time different to our own, when the fashion was colourful and different even before the virus came. Left to look after themselves, the kids put together outfits from clothes they kept from their old lives as well as pieces of materials they find around the city or countryside. Some of the tribes wear the same type of clothes and it is easy to tell which tribe some of the kids come from by the clothes that they wear.


Every tribe has it’s own mark or symbol and this tells kids which tribe different kids are from. There is a lot of make-up worn and this is to bring some colour into the lives of these kids who have lost everything they ever had. The make-up and markings are almost like tattoos – they tell a story of the past and of the present, of all that is important to the kids in their New World.

There is a lot of colour in Tribeworld. Some kids have bright red hair, others have orange or purple or blue. The colour is something that was there before the virus came, part of the fashion of the time and kids continue to use colour to show what tribe they belong to or just as a part of their own identity.


The Locos, Demon Dogs, the Chosen and The Technos are just some of the tribes out there that strike fear into the hearts of tribeworld. The new bad tribe in The New Tomorrow is The Privileged.

Zoot is the ultimate bad guy in tribeworld but he dies early on from a fall off the balcony in the Mall. Zoot showed us that although he was bad, he did have a good side his spirit lives on in tribeworld as he became famous after his death. There have been many, many more bad guys in tribeworld, including The Guardian, Java, RAM, Mega and Top Hat.

There are many kids in tribeworld who have a soft side but a bad side at the same time – they can’t really be trusted but can surprise others’ when it most counts – people like Ebony, Lex, Trudy and May.

Tribeworld is full of heroes – normal kids who become heroes as they struggle for survival every day. People like Jack, Dal, Salene and Ellie. There are some others who are natural leaders and they have led many battles in tribeworld. Bray and Amber are perhaps the most famous.

Some of the tribes have names that suit their outfits – the Mozzies for example wear outfits that make them look like mosquitos and the Zootists wear clothes like their hero, Zoot. Some of the tribes names show where they come from like the Mall Rats, who live in a Mall.

So, now you know a bit about the history of The Tribe. For more information visit the Tribeworld website.