Show and Tell Ant’s Shrine

Show and Tell 

The Ant’s Shrine

Faygar is the leader of The Ants. She believes wholeheartedly in the Ancestor, Bray and believes that one day he will restore order and peace to the world.

Faygar insists upon dedication to the Ancestors from her tribe and her talk is peppered with stories, legends and phrases that have been passed down to her – or (as she claims) received in messages direct from the Ancestors themselves.

The Ant’s Shrine, where Faygar holds a daily ritual or prayer, is made mostly of an old aeroplane but also has many things from times of old – washing machine pieces, spare parts of cars and bikes and twisted metal.

The art department had the tricky job of tracking down a plane!

The parts were tracked down from an old airforce base. Two wings and a fuselage were brought down and resurrected as a shrine for the Ants.

When the Barbs joined the Ants camp, Kwarli being his usual inquisitive self took a walk down to the shrine. He was amazed by what he found. All these old parts from the old days.

Kwarli loves to build things so when he came across a couple of wheels and a frame for a bike he had an idea.

He managed to build a bike and decorated it with other pieces he found in the shrine as well as animals skins and furs to pad the seat.

The bike caused a big stir when he brought it back to camp. The Ants, and especialy Omar were furious that Kwarli had stolen from their shrine. But in the end the bike ended up saving Omar’s life.

Everyone was mesmerised by the bike including Erin who managed to bribe himself a ride. And then the Stranger stole it.

All the leftovers from the old days are special treasures in a world where none of it can be replicated again.

The Tribes can recycle everything they find – even if it’s just for fun.