News 26/6/06

News – 26 June 2006 

New Wallpapers!

There’s a selection of brand new wallpapers up in the Mediasection of the Fanclub. Download the photos and create your own themes or fan art!

If you’re not a already a fanclub member, sign up now! There’s a whole secret section for fanclub members only!

Send us your art!

Lots of fans design their own wallpapers and stories for the show and we’d love to see them! If you’d like to send us some of your fan art for The New Tomorrow – please email it to

We’ll put it up in the fanclub section for everyone to see!

The New Tomorrow on Seven!

The New Tomorrow is being repeated Monday through Friday on Seven in Australia from 4.00pm-4.30pm. If you missed an episode here’s your chance to see it!

You can also catch The Tribe in Australia on ABC2 Digital every week night at 6.30pm!

Join The New Tomorrow Fanclub!

The New Tomorrow Fanclub is now open to join! There’s all sorts of exclusive information you’ll be given for joining. There is a photo gallery, newsletter, and exclusive wallpapers to decorate your desktop!

You also get access to exclusive forums on the bulletin board!

Click here to find out all about it!