News 30/1/06

News – 30 January 2006

The New Tomorrow on Seven!

The New Tomorrow is being repeated Monday through Friday on Seven in Australia from 4.00pm-4.30pm. If you missed an episode here’s your chance to see it!

You can also catch The Tribe in Australia on ABC2 Digital every week night at 6.30pm! 


Congratulations to the following winners for their entries in our Poem competition.

Josephine Butler wins first prize with her poem “The New Tomorrow”

Second prize goes to Matthew Simons for his poem “The Machines”

Jessica Kirbyshire wins third place with her poem “Sky”

If you’re a member of the fanclub you can read their poems in the Newsletter!

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The New Tomorrow Fanclub is now open to join! There’s all sorts of exclusive information you’ll be given. There is a photo gallery, newsletter, and exclusive video interviews with the cast as well as wallpapers to decorate your desktop!

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