News 7/10/05

News – 07 October 2005 

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to The New Tomorrow website. I hope you enjoy it.
I hope you also continue to enjoy our television series. The New Tomorrow is a sequel to our cult series, The Tribe, which is in its 6th season with over 260 episodes and you might like to visit its sister website :

We are very proud of The New Tomorrow and would like to thank you for your interest and support.

Raymond Thompson
Creator and Executive Producer, The New Tomorrow and The Tribe

Cast in to do ADR!

A lot of the cast have been in this week to do ADR which is Additional Dialogue Recording. Sometimes the lines they say when they’re filming are not loud enough, or a plane might fly overhead and then the line needs to be read again.

The New Tomorrow Fanclub!

We hope to have The New Tomorrow Fanclub open to members next week! There’s all sorts of exclusive information you’ll be given including cast chats, exclusive merchandise, competitions and so much more! Keep an eye on the fanclub section!