Characters – Faygar 

Faygar – 11 years old

Tribe – The Ants

Magnetism bottled in a tiny frame. Charismatic, dynamic, seemingly spiritual. But there is more than a hint that this spiritualism is not genuine and more a technique for ruling her tribe and getting her own way.

Self-appointed High Priestess with a direct line to ‘The Ancestor’, who she says will restore order and peace to the world.

She forms an alliance with The Barbs to protect her tribe and her own exalted position. Whether she is capable of being a faithful ally is unknown. Zora suspects not. The mistrust between the two girls can’t remain hidden forever.

Played by

Zoe Robins

Age – 12 years old

Hobbies/Interests – Outdoor sport – tennis, soccer, cricket. Modelling, and hanging out with friends.