Episode 1

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The New Tomorrow – Episode 1

DAN (an Ant) is running through the forest when he’s captured by two Warps. SKY, a stranger in these parts, arrives just in time and rescues DAN. FLAME the leader of the Privs discards the Warps for letting DAN escape.

Two Barbs, LEANNE and ERIN are playing stones. The machines are heard in the distance and ZORA the leader of the Barbs tells them that everyone should be warned the machines are on patrol.

HARMONY (who fears that the Ants and Barbs might combine to challenge the Warps) persuades FLAME to teach the Ants a lesson.

Watched through the forest by two Barbs, KWARLI and JAG, DAN takes SKY with him to the Ant camp, where SKY meets the Ant leaders and learns about the Ancestor BRAY, the tribes and the monsters in the Forbidden Zone.

One of the leaders, OMAR, is suspicious of SKY and wants him to leave the next morning. DAN feels like a prisoner among the Ants and thinks OMAR is a bully. However, OMAR is also very kind, carving a secret gift for SAL, a little Ant who loves her piglet, STAR.

When FLAME is bored during dinner, he organises a contest between his champion Warp, Igra, and another Warp, LOL. LOL loses the fight and FLAME gives him the thumbs down – a move not popular with the other Privs. He tries to attack FLAME, FLAME renders him helpless with one swift moves and sends him to the Discards.

FLAME sends the Warps who have dressed like Barbs to attack the Ants camp. SHADOW the leader of the Warps leads the group. The Ants believe the Barbs have come to attack!

JAG and ZORA go searching for the stranger that KWARLI and JAG saw in the forest yesterday.