Episode 13

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The New Tomorrow – Episode 13

Shadow is devastated by PRINCE’S disappearance and HARMONY is horrified by the glue in her hair.

FLAME tells them that they are being punished for betraying him and tells them he’s off to see GWYN, whom he can trust. HARMONY and SHADOW realise that they’ve been spying on each other and HARMONY suggests to SHADOW they should join together instead of fighting.

At the Barb camp, DAN wonders whether GWYN really wants to be a Barb and she lies, assuring him that she does and telling him that SKY also wants to be a BARB., FAYGAR is crushed and puzzled to hear that SKY wants to become a Barb and when they hear, JAG & ZORA argue about it and about & GWYN becoming a Barb. When SKY turns up he tells them he isn’t going to become a Barb.

GWYN meets FLAME and tells him she hates being with the Barbs. FLAME says that he’s going to capture SKY today and then move on to the Ants & Barbs. GWYN asks him to spare DAN.

SKY tells ZORA he’s a jinx and is worried he’s a descendant of ZOOT. ZORA assures SKY he isn’t evil but he decides he’s of no use to the tribes.

When DAN invites the Ants to see GWYN & SKY made Barbs, FAYGAR explodes with anger, but as the Barbs meet before GWYN’S ceremony, SKY tells FAYGAR he is not going to become a Barb. He then quietly leaves.

The eggs begin to hatch, but FAYGAR’s more concerned about SKY’S departure.

Meanwhile GWYN is made a Barb and is very uncomfortable about it. FAYGAR goes to find SKY while ZORA, OMAR, KWARLI and JAG discuss the direction he’s gone in.

GWYN slips away and signals to FLAME & SHADOW. FLAME captures SKY. Then SHADOW captures FAYGAR, coming along behind SKY.