Episode 14

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The New Tomorrow – Episode 14

OMAR and KWARLI return from trying to find SKY but find no trace of him or FAYGAR. OMAR and JAG put aside their differences and JAG uses his tracking skills to try and locate FAYGAR and SKY.

ZORA sends GWYN to clean furs and when DAN quarrels with JAG and joins her, GWYN tries to comfort him.

SHADOW fetches SKY and FAYGAR from their cell. When he brings them before FLAME, SKY accuses FLAME of being a bully. HARMONY then taunts FAYGAR about BRAY and tells her that the Privs have a spy at the Ant camp. FAYGAR passes this on to SKY.

When GWYN goes to meet SHADOW she learns that FLAME is not bringing her back yet.

KWARLI joins the Ants at prayer and then helps CASS show the Ants how to draw, while OMAR & JAG track together. They find FAYGAR’S necklace and take it back to CASS. ZORA asks CASS for a meeting with everyone.

At the Priv complex, HARMONY wants FLAME to give the Ants and Barbs an ultimatum: “surrender or prepare to fight” and FLAME tells SHADOW to deliver it. SKY wins a fight with a thug and SHADOW is not happy about HARMONY’S ultimatum idea.

When ERIN and LEANNE join in the drawing, and ERIN fights SAL fight about what he’s drawn, ERIN runs off.

SHADOW is waiting in the forest. He grabs him and gives him the ultimatum. ERIN arrives back during the Ant and Barb meeting, where ZORA has explained why SKY left. After he passes on SHADOW’S message, ZORA says she’ll be leader.