Episode 15

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The New Tomorrow – Episode 15

JAG and KWARLI are setting traps in the forest when they hear ZORA sound her horn calling everyone to the camp. Because of FLAME’S ultimatum ZORA tells them all they’re moving to the Ants camp.

CASS welcomes them as they arrive, but OMAR does not. Some of the Barbs start taking advantage of the Ants generosity.

SHADOW meets GWYN to bring her back to the Priv compound. But GWYN won’t leave without her brother who FLAME promised to make a Priv.

SKY is showing too much strength. FLAME tells SHADOW to fight SKY so that everyone can see his weaknesses. HARMONY locks FAYGAR up with the discards and tells her about the ultimatum.

After the Discards watch FAYGAR pray and HARMONY mocks her, a Discard child offers FAYGAR food. She tells the Discards a little about the Ancestor, and then asks BRAY to help her save the Discards.

KWARLI is scouting around the Ant’s Camp and comes across the shrine. He finds an old bicycle.

In the Ant camp, tensions between the tribes continue and in FAYGAR’S hut ZORA finds some parchment with pictograms on it, and ZOOT’S goggles, in a wooden box. SAL has had enough of ERIN’S behaviour. She teaches him a thing or two about soap and water.

GWYN takes DAN to the forest and tells him the Privs know everything. When the Warps arrive, DAN realises the truth and flees. GWYN looks for him, then gives up and goes with the Warps.

SHADOW is practicing his fight moves when FLAME walks in. He asks SHADOW to lose the fight with SKY. SHADOW tries to win but SKY beats him. FLAME announces that he’ll be the next one up against SKY. He then finds out that SHADOW wasn’t able to win.