Episode 18

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The New Tomorrow – Episode 18

Morning comes. The machines rumble and Zora is not in a good mood. When she sees the camp’s deserted, she beats on the gong to summons everyone from their sleep. They must all start work immediately without breakfast. They get breakfast when they’ve earned it.

Sky wakes to find that the Discards’ attitude to him has changed because of a rumour that he’s descended from Zoot. Faygar offers to do something about it and asks Sky to go along with her plan. She then visits the Priv leaders and tells them she believes that Sky’s a descendant of Zoot, showing him the amulet he wears, as proof. She claims that, according to the prophecy, the Terrible Darkness will come if the descendants of Zoot and Bray come together. Because the evil began when Sky – a descendant of Zoot -arrived at the Ant camp, (where there’s a descendant of Bray) everyone, including the Privs, is in great danger. Flame asks Faygar what she wants. Then, as Sky tries unsuccessfully to reason with the Discards, who close in on him, encouraged by Gwyn to “Get him!” Warp guards arrive to keep him guarded.

The Ants and Barbs continue with their defences, except for Erin who takes off into the forest on the bike. Sal refuses to talk to Dan, who is very depressed, and Kwarli and Omar decide to make more traps in the forest – against Zora’s orders. In the hen pen, Leanne tells Sal that Erin’s missing, with the bike.

In the Priv stronghold Faygar continues to persuade Flame to let Sky go or get rid of him and discusses the possible Ant and Barb surrender with him.

After inspecting the Warps, Flame tells Sky, now back in a cell, that Faygar fears him; and threatens him with being sent to the Forbidden Zone. Harmony farewells Flame and Shadow as they leave for the attack. She visits Faygar, also now in a cell, and threatens to bring Sky to join her and accuses her of trying to trick everyone with her prophecy stories.

Zora forbids eating until the defences are finished and as Kwarli and Omar work on a trap they discuss her bossy new ways. Erin sees a Barb guard ambushed and the signalling mirror shattered. He warns Kwarli and Omar and they race for the Ant camp.

Sal takes refuge with the chicks. Just as the Privs reach the Ant camp, Harmony arrives with Faygar, who says there must be no fighting because Sky is a descendant of Zoot and wants to bring the Terrible Darkness and destroy the tribes. The Ants and Barbs can surrender. Or Faygar suggests, there is another way, to have a contest. Flame suggests pass ball.

Zora agrees: “Winner rules everything Flame. You’re on!”