Episode 2

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The New Tomorrow – Episode 2

After the raid on their village, the Ants find a Barb arrow in their ravaged fields. SAL is distraught because STAR has disappeared in the raid.

OMAR blames DAN for the attack, because he went into Barb territory the day before. He wants to counter-attack, but FAYGAR insists that they consult BRAY and the Ants visit their shrine. FAYGAR recounts a story at the shrine that tells of times of paradise and great evil long ago.

When they return to the Ant camp, SAL and SKY are intrigued by postcards of Bray and the Mall Rats and SKY and DAN discuss them. SAL looks for STAR, without success.

OMAR snaps at SKY, wanting him to be gone, and calls the Ants to a meeting. The Ants argue about what to do about the raid. CASS wants them to talk to the Barbs. When SKY suggests sending a messenger to arrange a meeting.

DAN volunteers to take a message to ZORA. FAYGAR refuses to let him go and decides to talk to Bray again. DAN defies FAYGAR and leaves for the Barbs camp.

In the Priv compound, HARMONY tells FLAME about Priv unrest over FLAME’S decision to discard LOL the night before. SHADOW shows FLAME his Barb disguise. FLAME is impressed and glad that the raid went well. SHADOW and HARMONY fight about their roles.

To bring some cheer to his Privs – FLAME calls for a competition. He selects three Discards, including GWYN, and Warps take them to a cell where they wait fearfully. GWYN tries to reassure her Discard cellmate.

FLAME thanks the Ants for the food and toasts HARMONY for her plan. FLAME then starts a contest between GWYN and the other two Discards. GWYN wins and is nervous about what winning means for her.

KWARLI and JAG watch DAN walking through the forest. SKY says his farewells at the Ants camp and OMAR’S glad to see him go.

SKY and DAN meet up in the forest, then, suddenly, they are hoisted into a tree, trapped in a net.

SAL is overjoyed when she finds STAR hiding in a hutt.