Episode 3

The New Tomorrow – Episode 3

SKY and DAN dangle in the net. KWARLI and JAG, excited that their trap has worked, emerge from the forest with other Barbs. JAG questions SKY and why he is with an Ant. He wants to punish Dan for being in Barb territory two days running. JAG eventually agrees to take SKY and DAN to ZORA, the Barb leader. When they find ZORA out fishing, DAN tells her that FAYGAR would like to see her. ZORA interrogates SKY and tells JAG to take DAN and SKY to the Barb base.

Back at base ZORA asks SKY why FAYGAR wants a meeting, while JAG waits impatiently to punish SKY. SKY reveals to ZORA that he was found as a child and doesn’t belong to a tribe. When DAN explains that FAYGAR wants to talk about a Barb raid on the Ants the night before, ZORA is outraged. DAN hits back, saying the Barbs “are just a bunch of savages.”


GWYN is getting dressed up and FLAME, angry that no one has told her what’s gong to happen to her, tells her he’s decided she’ll become a Priv. GWYN asks HARMONY about Priv life and tells her about being separated from her younger brother, long ago. GWYN is then presented to the Privs.

With JAG, KWARLI, SKY, DAN and two Barb warriors, ZORA goes to confront FAYGAR. When ZORA and JAG arrive at FAYGAR’S door, OMAR tries to throw them out, but JAG prevents him. KWARLI helps CASS with a hurt child’s infection and CASS gives him a gift to thank him. As the argument escalates between FAYGAR and ZORA, JAG accuses SKY of being the cause of all the trouble, a spy who must be dealt with.