Episode 7

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The New Tomorrow – Episode 7

DAN awakes in the Barb camp. He is still worried about SKY who hasn’t returned. LEANNE tells DAN that a ceremony will now be held to welcome him to the tribe.

The morning after his fight with FLAME, SKY wakes in a cave and finds some artefacts and pictograms, including one of a teardrop that he recognises.

FLAME, furious that SKY beat him and has hurt him, wants to be left alone. FLAME is worried about the scratch on his face – it is a sign of losing. SHADOW tries unsuccessfully to keep HARMONY away.

FAYGAR returns from seeking guidance from BRAY and asks OMAR to take her to Zora. It will be the best thing for both tribes.

SKY returns to the Barb camp as DAN is inducted as a Barb. When they are reunited, SKY won’t commit himself to joining the Barbs. Erin gives DAN a gift as a welcome present.

SKY, OMAR, JAG and DAN argue about who belongs where. OMAR accuses the Barbs of stealing DAN.

HARMONY dares a Warp guard to stop her from seeing FLAME. She barges into his room. FLAME tells SHADOW to find SKY. HARMONY suggests that FLAME needs to show everyone he is just as strong as ever. He shouldn’t take any blame for the failed raid. HARMONY suggests FLAME should persuade SHADOW to take the blame.

CASS and SAL capture the chickens let loose during the Warp raid.

FAYGAR’S meeting with ZORA is tense, but after FAYGAR talks her around, ZORA decides to join forces with the Ants. ZORA invites SKY to join the Barbs. He agrees to stay for now but not to join. JAG challenges ZORA’S decision and is still unhappy about it when ZORA and FAYGAR tell the assembled tribes that they are to unite.

FLAME summons SHADOW for a talk. He butters him up with his freshest fruit.

Alone in the hills and overlooking the uniting of the Barbs and Ants, SKY holds an amulet: a tear-shaped pendant identical to the one in the pictogram in the cave.